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Collection: Miniquins [100% Human Hair Mini Hair Mannequins for Salons and Child Stylists]

HairArt Miniquins Limited run, in stock now~~

Meet the HairArt Miniquin family of hairstyle practice 100% human hair dolls.

Mimi, Juju, Lulu, Kiki, and Yuna~

Our girls are here for you and your girls and boys to practice braiding, styling, up-dos, heat-styling, all on 100% human hair!

Since we start with European hair, our blondes aren't lifted from black hair, it's light blonde hair toned, our brown and black hair is virgin that is unprocessed for shiny, healthy, natural, REAL hair.

Practice / model / photography children's styles on these super cute 100% human hair miniquins. A HairArt exclusive item.

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