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Abe [100% Human Hair Mannequin]

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Type: 100% Human Hair

Length: 8"

Color: Dark Brown

Rubber Head

Feature: Male Bearded

Ideal For: Training and Educational purposes, Cutting/Clipper techniques such as Fades, Beard Grooming, Heat styling, and Coloring

(Tri-pod not included)


Avoid any direct heat when mannequin is being processed with oxidative color or lightener.

Do not apply oxidative color or lightener directly to the synthetic scalp, chemicals cause the hair to loosen from the implantation holes making the hair to fall out of the mannequin head.

Clean, Dry, Style, and Store with care.

For a longer lasting mannequin we recommend to avoid lightening the hair longer than 30 minutes and with a peroxide higher than 30 vol.

How To Accurately Measure Hair Length

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