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Deluxe School Kit - Without Dryer

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Emily Mannequin 12-14
Maria" Classic Mannequin 18"
Mannequin Plastic Pro-Holder
Zip Curl Curling Iron 3⁄4"
BV Shears - Cutting 6"
BV Shears - Thinning 28 teeth
Razor Shaper Set
Razor Blades
10 Pc Bone Comb Set
7-Row S-Shape Banana Brush
Vent Brush
Nylon 7-Row Contour Brush 7½"
Round Aluminum Brush 2"
Tint Bowl
Small Tint Brush
Large Tint Brush
Medium Latex Gloves
Black Vinyl Shampoo Cape
Applicator Bottle 7oz.
Bell Shape Clear Spray Bottle
Metal Duck Clips
All-Purpose Steel Clips
Butterfly Clamps
Magnetic Roller Set
Manicure Kit
Duffel Bag with Shoulder Strap
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