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MIMI Human Hair Anime Doll Head Miniquin [HairArt Reika Mini Mannequin Styling Collection]

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Presenting MIMI by HairArt

This amazing, kawaii, Mimi, platinum (#60) blonde with blue eyes is a limited-run will-be-the-2020-holidays-hit styling human hair child mannequin head for stylists (and up-and-coming stylists who want to practice on hair like theirs at home)

100% human hair Mini-Mannequin Head: our girls don't melt under pressure!

100% human hair mini mannequin heads are PERFECT for young stylists and children to practice hair styling, up-dos, and temporary colors. A great mommy and me idea, or the perfect gift for budding stylists or Harajuku salons.

Our irresistible mini mannequin heads which we're calling, "miniquins", are so adorably cute and functions just like our adult versions do! Our miniquins are made with 100% human hair so kids can shampoo and style alongside their hair stylist moms at work, can be sat on surfaces because of their shoulders, or mount her on a stand.

A great gift idea for styling practice and education during Mother-Daughter dates! It's also a great busy-toy for kids to have fun accessorizing with jewelry, hair ornaments, scarves, and even apply make-up too.

With her anime-like face, you can practice and create inspirational anime up-do hair styles and display in your salon or post on your social media pages, or just showcase your children's styles; color, cut, heat style, up-do, anything you want to showcase for your little clients.

The specs:

  • 100% Human Hair
  • 10"-12" Hair Length
  • Fits on standard mannequin holder or tri-pod
  • Total Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • #60 Platinum Blonde Human Hair, Blue Eyes

Avoid heat higher than 300­°F

(Tripod sold separately)

The details:

  • 100% Human Hair, top quality European meaning no coloring natural hair or lightly toned lifted, NOT bleached and crunchy, undamaged, smooth and silky.
  • Adorable Anime-like face
  • Color lift/deposit and style as you would you real hair because it IS real human hair. 100%, we won't melt under pressure.
  • Great gift from the Hair Stylist Mom to daughter
  • Use for Pretend-Play Mother-Daughter Mother-Son Styling Dates
  • Perfect for Bring-Your-Child-To-Work days
  • Fun to accessorize with jewelry, hair ornaments, scarves, etc.
  • Practice anime hair styles or regular school day looks
  • A winner at displaying Up-Do styles and hair accessories in your salon
  • Excellent busy-toy for kids

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